Candidate VIP Lounge

As a VIP Candidate, our aim is to give you a differentiated Career Search Experience and a Career Move that has transformative results for you, your family and the company you will serve.

If you are considering the benefits of making a Targeted Career Move with the Specialist Expertise of The Destiny Group, we invite you to explore the following perspectives :

Making a targeted career move provides the opportunity to inter - view organisations in your market place from the perspective of an informed buyer and not from the queue of many applicants.

It’s the advantage of landing a career opportunity that plays to all your strengths and aspirations, placing you beyond the limitations of predetermined job descriptions.

It’s a chance to express yourself first hand, without having to stand in line, waiting for your CV to do all the talking.

It’s the benefit of having One Recruitment Firm investing dedicated time to entirely managing your next career move.

It’s the confidence in being Expertly Represented.

  • Our holistic interviewing approach reaches beyond the limitations of your CV.  Uncovering your marketability and discovering your aspirations are ingredients that enable us to deliver meaningful and transformative career moves.
  • Protecting your confidentiality is a given. Our policies with regard to exposing your CV to the market place are restrictive, and stringently applied. These are discussed with you upfront.
  • Representation is accurate, complete and fully maximised since every VIP candidate is expertly consulted with regard to the content of his/her CV.
  • Preparation for interviews is regarded as a key step in our process. VIP candidates receive in depth consultation for every single meeting.  
  • Facilitating detailed feedback sessions for client and candidate, ensures that your representation is integral and professionally managed, and your questions and concerns, answered.  


Note that VIP Candidates are selected on the strength of their current marketability for the specialised markets we, as The Destiny Group serve.

DESTINY VIP CANDIDATES have access to Destiny brochureware, giving expert advice.  Please Login with your allocated username and password.