Candidate Departures

It's time  to plan your Departure

You've landed a great career move! The excitement of moving forward to new pastures, building a new profile in a new environment and flexing your skills and experience with new mentors and colleagues awaits you.

However our process is not yet over. You now face possibly the toughest moment in the entire journey.

Resigning from your current employer.

Leaving home is hard to do – because to greater and lesser extents, you face moving out of your comfort zone into the unknown.

By now you have invested a lot of time and energy exploring what the unknown has to offer, in the quest to improve your career circumstances. The prize has been won!

However, will you manage to make the transition? Will you stand by your own convictions, or succumb to the "Flatitudes" of those you decided to leave.

Preparing to Leap!

  1. How do you plan to resign?
  2. What will you say in your resignation letter?
  3. How are you going to express your reasons for leaving firmly, without burning bridges?
  4. How do you plan to handle that inevitable Counter-Offer?
  5. How do you manage your feelings about “the old family” you know, whilst feeling apprehensive about ‘the new family” you don’t yet know.
  6. How do you manage the upcoming change within your own family.

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