Candidate Arrivals

If you have an interview scheduled with a Destiny Consultant, we’d like to offer you a few pointers to assist you in gaining maximum benefit from your meeting.

What To Expect

As Specialists in your industry of expertise, we hope to gain an holistic understanding of your skills, experience and career aspirations and discover what makes you good at your game. This will not necessarily be a short screening to assess your match for just one vacancy. If it transpires that the position you originally applied for, does not meet with your total experience and career objectives, we will still spend the time finding out how we can assist you to make a career move in line with the total expertise you have funded to date. The time you spend will be worthwhile.

Food For Thought

• What roles are you equipped to perform at this stage in your career development? • What are you hoping to achieve by making this career move? • What makes you good at your game?

What to Bring

  1. Your ID Book
  2. Your most recent Payslip 
  3. An Accurate understanding of your Salary Package
  4. If you wish to save time on the day, you are welcome to request our online “Registration Form” in advance.
  5. Please ensure you have emailed us an original version of your CV.