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We offer leading organisations, a Strategic Resourcing Approach that falls outside the ‘9 dots’ of Traditional Recruitment.

For the past decade, The Destiny Group has built a differentiated reputation in the Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing and Mining Sectors and has successfully provided Top Organisations across South Africa with High Demand Talent.

Our service offering falls outside the ‘9 Dots’ of Traditional Recruitment. Our approach is Strategic and Pro-active, and enhances the ability of Organisations to secure Top Resources in the worldwide ‘War on Talent’.

• Our differentiation starts with our unique focus: Securing ‘Targeted Career moves” for High Demand, Talented Individuals.

• For such talented individuals we engage in a High Level Search for the Optimum Career Move, within chosen Organisations.

• Selection for representation meets stringent requirements. Our ‘Destiny Scorecard’ is designed to weigh 12 Career Move Objectives, which identify Top Talent and manage potential risks to the future employer. Job hopping (career tourists, low performance dodgers) money movers, counteroffer shoppers, skills with form over substance are some of the risks we deem as elimination factors.

• All Candidates are Exclusive with our company. This ensures that the investment from all parties is not thwarted by the risks associated with competing agencies.

• The Destiny Group’s investment in each candidate is high, since extensive time, skill and resources are spent in conducting such a Search. As such, Reference checks on all levels form part of the on-boarding of their representation.

• Candidates represented by The Destiny Group are at the 'Top of their Game', making well informed Career moves and finding opportunities that play to their holistic strengths, thus maximising the individuals benefit to the organisation and limiting the organisations’ risks of non-retention.

We are passionate about bringing Top Talent to the Perfect Doorstep - whether Strategically ahead of time or Just in time, - the match is always good, the Talent, the best.

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